Dutch Foundation for Postgraduate Medical Courses in Indonesia

We invite colleagues in the Dutch Foundation for Postgraduate Medical Courses in Indonesia with the theme "Current Comprehensive management of CNS Tumors" on 22nd-23th March 2018.


The Joint Meeting of ASNA-INA Neuro Infection and 19th CNE will be held in Surabaya on July 19 – July 22, 2018 with the theme “The Holistic Approach in Neuroinfection”. The development of research in neuroinfection provides the latest guidance in management of neurological cases. 19th CNE held several Workshops covering The 3rd SAINS (Surabaya Academy Interventional Neurovascular and Stroke), Neuroinfection and Neuroimunology, Headache and Pain, Vascular Sonography / TCD, Vertigo, Movement Disorders and Botox Injection, Epilepsy, and Advance Neurology Life Support (for General Practitioner). We invite you to join our event. For more info click the following link Neurology-Surabaya

Neurology News


Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University

The existence of neuropsychiatry in Surabaya cannot be separated from the figure of Dr. HRM Soejoenoes. In 1953, he was transferred from the RSJ Sumber Porong, to CBZ Hospital where he then met Prof. Dr. Heygter, a neuropsychiatrist from Germany in 1956. Prof Dr. Heygter worked at Neuropsikiatri in Surabaya. Together they developed the department of neuropsychiatry. However, Prof. Heygter was on duty for only a short period before his death from a liver disease.

In 1957, Dr. HRM Soejoenoes was confirmed as professor in Neuropsychiatry. Later on, Neuropsychiatry was moved from Simpang Hospital to Dr. Soetomo Hospital in 1961. Under his leadership, some staff were sent abroad to continue their studies: Dr. Tjan Tiang Ling (Dr. B. Chandra) and Dr.Kwa Giok Bing (Dr. Gunawan Budiarto) went to the United States; the late Dr. Oemijono Moestari explored the problem of neurorehabilitation; and the late Dr. Oei Tiaw Tjong (Dr. Frans Ramadja) studied neuro-pathology in Australia.

Identity of the Study Program

Specialty-1 Program in Neurology

Name : Specialty-1 Program in Neurology
Faculty : Medicine
University : Universitas Airlangga
Decree : Minister of Education Decree No. 076 / U / 1980
Date : March 10, 1980

18th Continuing Neurological Education 2017

Surabaya Neurointervention Division